Welcome to Kuntala Kumari Sabat Women's College, Balasore (KKS Women's College, Balasore).One of the oldest Women's Colleges of Odisha and the only Government Women's College in Northern Odisha
K.K.S. Women's College

K.K.S.Women's College

The College Hostel

The College has a hostel of its own named ‘Swanamadhanya’ in the campus. The management of the hostel is conducted by the Warden, Superintendent & the Assistant Superintendent. Students living in the hostel are considered to be under the direct control of the head of the institution to which the hostel is attached, not only during the college hours, but through hour the college terms. The hostel will remain closed during the summer vacation and in the Puja holidays,


Students seeking admission to the Hostel must apply in the prescribed forms duly filled

In signed by the students and the natural guardians to the Principal of the college along with the applications for admission to the college. Seats will be allotted by the Principal on the basis of marks. The strength of seats in the hostel 120.


Sanctioned strength of boarders for each class is as follows:

+3 IIIrd yr. Arts 15

+ 3 IInd yr. Arts 15

+ 31st yr. Arts 15

+3 IIIrd yr. Sc. 07

+ 3 IInd yr. Sc. 07

+ 31st yr. Sc. 07

+21st yr. Sc. 10

+2 IInd yr. Sc. 10

+2 Ist yr. Arts 13

+2 IInd yr.Arts 13


Rules to be strictly adhered to

The rules mentioned below are to be strictly followed by the boarders staying in the hostel:

1. Permission for leave from the Hostel must in all cases be obtained three days In advance from the Hostel Superintendent. It will not be granted unless a written request is made by the parents or by the legal guardians. If a boarder remains absent continuously for one month without any information, she may lose the hostel seat. Sufficient ground must be shown for prolonged absence.

2. Over-staying leave: a) In case of overstaying, she may be excused on submission of a written explanation by her parents. b) Action will be taken by the Principal against the boarder, if the explanation is not satisfactory.

3. Frequent Absence: Frequent absence from the hostel will be treated as breach of discipline and it will also be sufficient ground for losing a seat in the hostel

4. Leave Application: Application should reach the Superintendent / Asst. Superintendent at least three days before leaving the hostel.

5. Boarders will not be allowed to stay overnight with their local guardians for more than once a month.

6. The boarders who are going outside for tuition/coaching are required to furnish the name and address with Mob. No. of the tutor/institution. The details of timing of tuition /coaching and route also be furnished to the hostel.

7. The boarders taking leave of hostel for a particular period are not allowed to enter the hostel in the mid of the leave without prior permission of the superintendent.

The visiting hours of the hostel: 8. Boarders will be permitted to go to hospital only in urgent and unavoidable cases
Sunday: from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 3.30 p.m. to 5 p.m
All other days of the week : 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.