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Best Practices 2021-22

Best Practice 2021-22

Best Practice I

Title: Holistic Student Centric Practices


To enable the students to develop a sense of culture and morality.

To develop gender sensitization and self discipline.

To develop gender sensitization and self discipline.

To inculcate scientific temper and research culture amongst the students.

To nurture critical thinking, creativity and scientific temper.

All round personality development of the students.


The Context

Student centric activities are necessary for all round development of the students. Such activities play a significant role to imbibe the moral and ethical values among the students. Student centric activities provide opportunities for the students to work in groups and exercise leadership. They meet the psychological needs of the students. These activities provide a platform for expression of talent, which further leads to an overall personality development.

B. Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities: College conducts the co-curricular and extracurricular activities such as blowing of conch, Alpana, debate, essay, poem writing, recitation, one act play, song, dance, sports activities, seminar presentation, poster presentation. Students are also participated in science exhibitions to portray their projects.

Evidence of Success

The result of these activities is the improvement in spoken skills, soft skills like confidence, positive attitude etc. The students are inculcated with the qualities of leadership, team spirit, and sportsman spirit through extracurricular activities. The academicand non-academic skills, imparted throughout the year, ensure a holistic development of the students. The evidence is reflected in the on and off-campus placements of the students and in development of their entrepreneur skills.

Problems Encountered

In some activities there is a limitation on the intake of student participants which poses a hindrance owing to the enthusiasm of the students.

Best Practice II

1. Title of the practice: Women empowerment

2. Objectives of the Practice

• To develop a spirit of gender sensitization

• To empower girls with physical and emotional strength

• Ability to learn skills

• Having a range of options/choices

• To enable the students develop a sense of culture, ethics, morality and social responsibilities

• To develop self esteem and self confidence in girls

• Positive thinking on ability to make change

3. The Context

College has organized various activities like seminars and invited lectures onvarious topics.

4. The Practice

i. Gender Sensitization Programme

ii. Seminar and invited lectures on health and hygiene, Mental Health: Issues and challenges, Positive Psycology, Home Theory of Women Empowerment, Science in daily Life etc. Allthese activities have made the students believe that women are the nurturers, custodians and bearers of social tradition.

5. Evidence of Success

The activities have a positive effect on the students. Involvement of students in management of various activities such as event management, hospitality management help in developing personal, social and professional skills needed by girls.

6.Problems Encountered and Resources Required

In some activities there is a limitation on the intake of student participants, which poses as a hindrance owing to the enthusiasm of the students. Resources required: 1) Sensitization lectures by the heads of the departments and other senior faculty to emphasize on the need of these activities for the development of students. 2) Motivating students to participate in all these activities in huge numbers.