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K.K.S. Women's College
Best Practices 2016-17

1. Title of the Practice- Proctorial System

2. Objectives of the Practice

As a best practice, a proctorial system, introduced first by the Higher Education Department of the Government, has been developed and followed uninterruptedly. The objective of this system is to monitor the academic progress of students regularly and resolve their problems if it comes in the way of their progress.

3. The Context

This institute imparts higher teaching to girl students of different backgrounds of the locality. Our responsibility is build inside an atmosphere free of any sense of discrimination and deprivation. To fulfill that responsibility with care and commitment is the most challenging issue

4. The Practice -

Under the system a faculty member takes on the role of a proctor of a group of students assigned to his/her care to provide support, counseling and address their academic problems. Parents are informed over the phone incase their wards are not attending classes regularly or need parental care and support. In the process of knowing students, the proctors know about their family background and financial condition, so as to take necessary steps to see that this does not come in their way of continuing studies. Scholarship/ Financial Assistance are also used to support the students to continue their studies further. They also identify and promote literary and cultural abilities in students. The differently abled children are provided necessary physical and moral support. Remedial classes are taken for the academic assistance for weak students. Campus cleaning activities are also undertaken to make the students conscious of cleanliness.

5. Evidence of Success

6.Problems Encountered and Resources Required

The problem generally faced is the unwillingness of students to talk about their problems. their parents and guardians being people of lower income background are often unreachable. With limited resources available in the Development Fund of the College the work is done with utmost transparency.


2. Title of the Practice - Clean and Green campus

Objective of the Practice

Clean and green environment is a dire need of the time today. This college has made it a motto to ensure a clean and green campus and maintain a healthy environment inside

The Context –

Quite a big Campus, with a number of buildings all over, limited funds and shortage of cleaning Staff, it is a big challenge to keep the campus clean round the year. Moreover, it is difficult always to create the right attitude towards cleanliness

The Practice

As a step towards this the college has been trying to spread awareness among the students through various activities of NSS and YRC. College beautification through cleanliness and plantation has been undertaken. The team in charge of campus beautification along with team NSS and YRC and volunteers plan and execute the activities. Polythene free awareness programme,Swacchata Pakawarda Programme etc. are some such activities. With continuous effort and environment audit from time to time a lot many has been achieved and there are a lot of scope for improvement. Therefore, more plans are in the process.

Evidence of success

With plantation programme organized by the NSS Units and YRC and continuous attention paid to cleanliness the campus now has a clean and green campus.

Evidence of success

Problems encountered and resources required

Lack of funds and man power to provide for sustainable environment upkeep is the major concern