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K.K.S. Women's College
Best Practices 2019-20

1. Title of the Practice- Environment consciousness and Energy Conservation

2. Objectives of the Practice

The main objective of the practice is to spread awareness around the natural environment and to motivate the students and the Staff to care for its well-being.

3. The Context

– Proper use of energy leading to energy conservation is the need of the hour. There are simple ways to do it and make it beneficial for the college. Conservation pf energy and efficient use of it.reduce pollution. By spreading awareness about the environment and its protection all can become environmental steward and participat in creating a brighter future for the coming generation..

4. The Practice -

As a step towards this the college has Observed World Environment Day and National Science Day to make aware students for environment protection. Steps has been taken to minimize energy consumption by replacing CFL and LED bulbs in hostel. Rain water harvesting project has been implemented for creating an ecofriendly campus. Efforts are being made for proper waste management. Plantation programmes are being regularly conducted by the NSS units and the Y, and C. Students are encouraged to switch off all electrical appliances and lights and also not to litter mindlessly.

5. Evidence of Success

- This college is contributing to environment protection and energy conservation in its small but significant ways.

6.Problems Encountered and Resources Required

Lack of funds and man power to provide for sustainable environment upkeep is the major problem posed our way. However,support from the local bodies and the Higher Education Department has been of immense use.


2. Title of the Practice -Yoga for everyone


Objective of the Practice

Practice of Yoga leads to a combination of physical and mental exercises empowering to calm the mind and strengthen the body. With the objective of promoting mental and physical wellbeing as a part of holistic education, this college has added Yoga classes to its timetable. The willing students irrespective of streams join the classes and reap the benefit of learning Yogaasanas with the help of one expert teacher assigned with the duty.

The Context –

To sensitize students about the need for learning yoga, to bring them to the class, to make time for it in spite of their busy schedule of the day is the major issue. With one or two trained among the teachers has been found to be a difficulty in maintaining the continuation of classes.

The Practice

The first class in the morning is allotted for Yoga. The students are taught various styles of Yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. Yoga classes are regularly conducted to educate students for a disciplined and healthy living. Training is imparted to the students by a trainer from among the staff initially. After grasping essential techniques, master trainers are chosen from the students. One period of 45 min is allotted for the class. Hostel Boarders also participate along with teachers and the day scholars. Boarders regularly practice yoga in prayer class under supervision of superintendent.

Evidence of success

There has been a spread of awareness regarding the benefits of Yoga and a rise of keen interest in doing Yoga. This is reflected in the personalities and body language of students

No financial provision for this is there. But the college has its liberty to add this to the process of learning. Lack of fund has not been a hindrance