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Kuntala Kumari Sabat Women's College was established on the 1st of July 1960 by the local with a view to promoting higher education for women in Balasore.

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The NAAC Peer Team visits the College on 11 - 12 Feb 2015 for the 2nd Cycle of Accreditation.

Dr. Alhadini Dhir
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+3 Degree Courses in Arts.

Qualification for Admission to the Examination:

A candidate for being eligible for admission to the three-year degree course leading to the Degree for B.A. must have passed +2 Examination conducted by the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Orissa or any other examination recognised by the Academic Council as equivalent.

Any registered student of the University may be admitted to the FUE (First University Examination ) for the Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, if she has completed a regular course of study in the subjects offered by her for not less than one academic session after passing the +2 examination of the Council of Higher Secondary Education Orissa, or some other examination recognized by the Academic Council as equivalent.

A candidate shall only be eligible for admission to the examination in Arts , if she has been sent up by the College after passing the Test Examination conducted for the purpose.

There will be no supplementary or second examination . A candidate may on payment of the prescribed fees appear only in those papers in which she obtained fail marks to a maximum of two additional examinations to clear the back papers without further attendance of lectures at the college.

Examination Rules:

There will be First University Examination for +3 1st year student, Second University Examination for +3 2nd year students and Third University Examination for +3 3rd year students at the end of the each session of three years integrated course, Results for the Bachelor Degree will be out at the end of the Third year after the Third University Examination.

Pass Marks:

A minimum of 30% in each subject and a minimum of 36% marks in aggregate for a pass student.

For pass with distinction:

A minimum of 30% in each subject and a minimum of 50% of marks in the aggregate.

For Pass without Honours:

A minimum of 30% in each subject and minimum of 36% in aggregate in subjects other than Honours and less than 45% but not less than 36% in Honours Subject.

For Second class Honours :

A minimum or 30% in each subject and a minimum of 36% in aggregate in subject other than Honours and a minimum of 45% marks or more but less than 60% in Honours subject for distinction, in addition to second class Honours, a minimum of 50% marks secured in subjects other than Honours in first appearance.

For First Class Honours:

A minimum of 30% in each subject and minimum of 36% in aggregate in subjects other than Honours and minimum of60% or more.

How ever, her result shall no be published unless she has passed in the first and second examination respectively.

If a candidate who has no cleared an examination under the following conditions.

1. Marks secured by the candidate in the earlier examination stands cancelled.

2. After exercising the option to appear in all papers of an examination if a candidate fails to clear that examination she will be required to appear in all the papers of that examination in a subsequent chance within 5 years of first registration of First degree examination.

3. If a candidate has appeared at back papers in the first chance and in all the papers in the second chance and also has failed such a candidate can appear at that examination ( in all papers) under new course only within 5 years of 1st registration to first degree examination.

4. If she fails to secure the pass marks in honors in the aggregate she may reappear in one or more subjects/paper(s) of her choice from either the first, second or Final examination to make up the deficiency. This chance shall be available to a candidate for maximum two subsequent chances following the TUE in which she was first registered but within 5 years of 1st registration to FUE.

5. A candidate who has obtained only a second class (Honours) or passed without Honours can re-appear at any examination (s) for the Honours paper only of her choice to improve her results within two subsequent chances in the subject in theory papers only up to three Honours level. The higher of the marks in each paper shall be taken into consideration for determining their results and divisions. However, distinctions, if earned by the candidates shall not be effected by improvement of examination under the clause.

Percentage of Attendance:

A candidate shall be required to attend 75% of lectures and practical classes taken separately during the year and consideration may be granted only to the extent of 15% in exceptional cases provided that the Syndicate may grant consideration of shortage of attendance to the extent of 5% more when a candidate represents the University or the State in a national competition and recorded in writing.

The fee payable for admission into the Bachelor’s Degree Examination in Arts and the repeat examination, shall be as prescribed in the statues from time to time.

Each candidate admitted to Honours Course will have the option to switch over to the Pass Course.

+2 Examination

There shall be one examination to be conducted by the College at the end of the +2 First year basing on the curriculum meant for that year alone. Pass certificate will be awarded to successful candidates basing on the performance in the C.H.S.E. Examination to be held at the end of 2nd year only. As per the Orissa Gazette No.781, July 5, 1983 the Higher Secondary Examination in Arts, Science,& Commerce courses shall ordinarily be held twice a year.

The first Annual Examination shall be held in March & the instant Examination shall be held in the month of July every year.

The pass mark in the written & Practical Examination Shall be 30% & 40% of the maximum marks, respectively in the subjects concerned. The pass marks in the aggregate shall be 35%